Dr. Carol Osborne

Born in Columbus, raised in Whitehall and a farm in Albany, she decided at a very tender age to be an animal doctor and live in the country. With the support of a loving mother and steadfast determination on her part, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture as a Dairy Science Major in 1978 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1982, both from The Ohio State University.

Upon graduation from veterinary college she established Briarhill Veterinary Clinic in a rented farm house serving large and small animals. In 1985 the first phase of the currrent facility in Albany was built,  The practice case load gradually shifted toward more pets than farm animals and by 2000 it had become a predominately small animal practice.

Continuing education for herself and her team is a high priority for Dr. Osborne. She is currently taking a 20 month course in Chinese Herbology and has recently completed a 6 month course in acupuncture at the Chi Institute. Dr. Osborne is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, bringing even more options for the treatment of pain and disease. This also helps animals maintain a balanced state of wellness.

Her compassion, respect and interest in animals extends far beyond pets to working animals, food animals, and wildlife, particularly the fascinating habitat and inhabitants of East Africa.

Another interest is the issues of animals in disasters.  She is a founding member of Disaster Animal Response Team of Athens Co. and serves as a Veterinary Medical Officer on the National Veterinary Response Team of the National Disaster Medical System.

Over the years many animals have found a home with her. One dog, several cats, a flock of sheep and a pot-bellied pig keep things hopping on the home front!



        Dr. Lorna Johnston is a 2014 graduate of The Ohio State Univerisity College of Veterinary Medicine  Most of her experience is in small animal practice, but she is excited to learn more about large animal medicine and husbandry.  She has a special interest in behavior medicine, particularly canine development and maintenance of behavioral health.  She has two dogs and three cats.  She and her husband, Steve, are also interested in starting a chestnut farm.  In her free time she loves gardening and dog training.